Overall goal

The overall goal of the initiative is to contribute to development and implementation of an efficient monthly meeting creates platform that enables individuals with problems related to infertility to access reliable, quality and affordable fertility treatment.


1.To provide an   awareness   and information sharing platform for persons with infertility condition.  

The mission of the monthly meetings is to bring together women and men   who have had problems of infertility and discuss matters pertaining to their health and relationship. It’s going to be monthly meetings where Fertility-Kenya partners with key stakeholders to discuss matters pertaining   to infertility.

2.To enable both men and women affected by infertility to access fertility treatment.

Through establishing a well-managed exhibition table of various treatments available from different hospitals during the functions, the meetings will go a long way in addressing the accessibility of fertility treatment for women and men   facing conception challenges.

3.To assist individuals affected by infertility in   developing a plan for a healthy lifestyle so as to reduce infertility levels.

In collaboration with the leading hospitals in Kenya, through the meetings, Fertility-Kenya will provide a follow up education and develop an individualized plan to prevent future incidents of infertility among the local population.

You can get an appointment with us so that we book you to  our doctors by filling and sending your application form to the clinic from the website or via e-mail to info@fertilitykenya.com or you can phone directly to the Registration desk 0722774371