Fertility Kenya is a Medical and health Non-governmental organization (NGO registered in 2015 to address the plight of women and men affected by infertility. The organization implements awareness activities that gives hope and provide a chance of parenthood to all affected by condition.


  • To eradicate the stigma borne by women and men who are unable to conceive


  • To extend reproductive health to women and men, enabling them to realize their dream of holding their own children in their hands.

Overall Objective

  • To increase the access of women and men to appropriate and quality fertility treatment in the most affordable way, as well as provide information and related services in regard to fertility.
  • To provide regular weekly recreational and cultural activities to 75 youth, encompassing youth from grade school, middle school, and high school ages, adult recreational and cultural programs for an additional 100 individuals, and health education and services to 300 children and adults.
  • To develop monthly meetings for education and awareness creation of infertility condition and available treatment.
Cecilia Karanja
CFO-Chief Finance Officer
Anthony Njenga
Bethwel Karanja
NameIT Mananger
Peter Njenga
Agnes Njeru
Linet Kageha